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Porcelain Crowns in Cancun

Dental restoration and repair in Mexico.

porcelain crowns cancunWhat is a porcelain crown?

A dental crown is a fixed prosthesis, a restoration which completely caps a tooth. Crowns can be made from many materials: porcelain, zirconia, or a metal/porcelain combination.


It is placed on an existing tooth to strengthen and improve its appearance.


At Dental Evolution in Cancun we guarantee the natural look of our porcelain crowns.


This procedure is recommended for patients who:


- Have irregular teeth

- Are unhappy with their smile

- Have stained teeth

- Have weakened teeth due to various reasons

- As support for a bridge

- Endodontically treated teeth (root canal)


Dental Evolution gives you 5 year warranty against discoloration or fracturing of the crown!


The kinds of materials used:

  • Porcelain crowns are 100% porcelain, resistant, and the most natural and aesthetic looking.
  • Zirconium crowns contain a porcelain covered zirconia core, are metal-free, natural looking, ideal for a bridge, and extremely resistant.
  • Metal/porcelain crowns have a metal core (chromium-cobalt) with a porcelain covering.


*The amount of the original tooth structure requiring removal will depend on the material being used to restore the tooth.


Metal/porcelain crown Disadvantages

Dark Line on the Tooth: The presence of a metal component is what causes a dark line to appear in the area where a crown meets a tooth, usually along the gum line. In the case of a front tooth restoration, this could be a real problem. Additionally, if you have receding gums, this dark line of metal can become more visible.


More Tooth Trimming Is Needed: In order to place a metal/porcelain crown, the dentist usually needs to remove a significant amount of the original tooth, in comparison with zirconia crowns. However, this is not always a concern.


What does the procedure entail?

Step 1: X-ray and a complete evaluation.

Step 2: Take an impression for purposes of creating a temporary crown.

Step 3: The remaining structure of the tooth will be shaped to make space for the new material.

Step 4: A dental scan in our clinic, Dental Evolution in Cancun, with our CARESTREAM SCANNER CS3600, or a normal impression.

Step 5: The results are sent to the laboratory to start the production.

Step 6: An aesthetically pleasing, temporary crown is placed over the tooth for a few days.

Step 7: An appointment is made for the placement of the permanent crown.


Appointments; Required amount of time

Time Needed

We will need to you to visit Cancun for 3 to 6 business days; more time may be necessary, depending on the number of crowns.


Time (2 appointments are necessary):

1st appointment

  • Complete evaluation
  • Teeth preparation
  • Take impressions
  • Temporary crowns are put in place; for a few days


*The time needed between the two visits is 3-6 business days, depending on the number of crowns.


2nd appointment: The doctor shows the permanent crowns to the patient before cementing them in place, if he/she likes them (color, shape, all the details), we CEMENT the crowns in place.



At Dental Evolution, we take pride in using only the best dental materials on the market. We use 100% porcelain (disilicate E-MAX PRESS) for all our dental veneers and crowns. They come with an amazing 5-year warranty, should your crown get discolored or chipped we will gladly replace it at no additional cost.


Our dental restorations are extremely precise because we use the latest technology available, our CS3600 Scanner by CareStream.  This scanner provides exact measurements and as a result more accuracy.



The following questions are some of the most frequently asked by our patients in relation to installing a dental crown.

How long does a dental crown last?

It will last as long as the care you have for it does.  Your specialized dentist will provide you with the relevant information that will assure you years of use for your dental crown.  It should be noted that a crown is a prosthesis, and thus a cavity cannot form on it, however the base for the crown is your natural tooth and it is very delicate and susceptible to cavity formation. A meticulous cleaning is recommended on a daily basis, and a visit to the dentist for a more thorough cleaning, every six months.  Once a year, an X-ray should be performed to check the condition of your crown.  By not properly taking care of your crown, you are taking the risk of potential complications which might mean having to remove the existing crown to replace it with a new one, or perhaps a crown lengthening procedure to expose more of the tooth, treatment of the nerve or depending on the degree of deterioration, the tooth could be lost altogether.


Is a dental crown removable?

No, dental crowns cannot be removed once they have been cemented in place.  If for some reason a crown were to fall out, we suggest that you schedule an appointment immediately, because this is an indication that there is a problem.


How is a dental crown created?

The first step in preparing the tooth is to remove the parts of the tooth that are necessary to be able to place the crown over it, if needed, a post is made and the tooth may need to be partially reconstructed.  Once the tooth is prepared, an impression is made with a special material in order to make a temporary crown and the information is sent to the dental lab.  When the permanent crown is ready, it is evaluated by the dentist and patient, together, and if it is acceptable, the procedure is completed by cementing the crown into place.


How are they made, and which materials are used in dental crowns?

Dental crowns are made up of two parts, the outer and the inner.  As its name indicates, the outer part of the crown is the part that is visible, it is made of porcelain or Zirconium , and it is the part that gives form and a natural look to your tooth.  The inner part is extremely important, giving strength and structure to the tooth, it can be metal, porcelain, or zirconia.   At Dental Evolution in Cancun, we select our materials from the best brands on the market.


What are the differences between the materials that are used in dental crowns?

These dental crown materials offer the most natural look to your mouth, since they can be made to look just like real teeth.  For those people who are allergic to metal, or who prefer not to have metal crowns, all porcelain or all ceramic crowns are an excellent option.


Porcelain crowns have a resistant substrate and are recommended for the restoration of back teeth and for patients that are seeking a perfect match to their natural teeth that is metal free.  Porcelain crowns are used only on individual teeth, front or back, and not in bridges.


Zirconium crowns are made of porcelain reinforced by zirconium oxide making them more resistant than crowns made only of porcelain. Zirconium crowns are recommended for back teeth and can also be used for a metal free bridge when a patient is looking for an aesthetic and resistant option.


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